Jewel’s Story Seeking to Spread Light.


Jewel’s Rhema was founded by Jewel Ford, a Sickle Cell Anemia and Breast Cancer survivor. Jewel was diagnosed with Stage II Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2017 at the age of 30. After a year of chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries, she was declared to be in remission. Six months later she discovered that the cancer had returned and metastasized to her lung, liver, brain and bone. Jewel is currently getting treatment in Dallas, Texas.

Jewel’s Rhema was birthed out of Jewel’s journey through cancer. During treatment she noticed the needs of herself and others, and decided to create Warrior Essentials Chemotherapy Care Packages. Warrior Essentials are care packages that equip chemotherapy patients with items that they need throughout treatment. These care packages are distributed to oncology clinics across the DFW area.

Our mission is to provide support and love to those courageously fighting and surviving breast cancer, and to educate the community on breast health.


Modern. Simple. Playful. Jewelry on a mission to Spread Love.


Jewel’s Rhema’s online store features greeting cards, bath jars, art and most of all jewelry, all designed and handmade by Jewel. Our jewelry is primarily made from silver, glass beading and precious stones. Jewel’s modern, clean aesthetic can be seen in her wide variety of earrings, while her playful nature shines in her beaded bracelets. Rhema’s first and signature jewelry item is The Rose of Courage Ring. This simple pink wire wrapped ring is symbolic of the courage and strength of those battling breast cancer. Our rings are worn by Warriors and their caregivers and supporters. It’s Jewelry on a mission to spread love to the sick and surviving.

A portion of the proceeds from The Rhema Store go towards creating and delivering our Warrior Essentials Care Packages to patients in need. The other portion goes towards breast cancer educational and fundraising events.

Warrior Essentials Chemotherapy Care Packages Spread Healing.

One of Jewel’s Rhema’s primary missions is to Spread Healing through our chemotherapy care packages. Our Warrior Essentials Chemotherapy Care Packages are filled with items that chemo patients may need to bring healing to the mind, body and soul; items such as rich hand creams for chronically dry skin, hats and socks for those cold clinics, and coloring books and color pencils to help pass the time and promote positive thinking. These packages are currently donated to Texas Oncology clinics, with plans to reach clinics across the DFW area. Warrior Essentials are free to patience and funded by our online store and donors like you.